Curriculum Vitae

A special focus of Prof. Dr. Winfried Rebhandl is the treatment of patients with funnel chest and keel chest. Since 2001 he has specialised in the establishment and application of minimally invasive ” surgery” for the correction of these diseases.

In 2000 this operation was successfully introduced for the first time at the AKH Vienna and since 2017 also the minimally invasive correction of patients with keel chest.

In 2018, Dr. Rebhandl was invited by one of the world’s most renowned funnel chest surgeons (Prof. Dr. Yüksel Mustafa) to an “Intensive Surgery Workshop” in Istanbul. The “new and improved” surgical method for (minimally invasive) correction of the funnel chest (but also keel chest) learned there has now been established and successfully applied for the first time in Austria at the AKH Vienna.


In addition, he also has extensive expertise in the traditional “open” surgical methods (ravitch surgery). He is a member of the CWIG (Chest Wall International Group), a long standing board member of the Austrian Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery and is well networked with numerous experts in thoracic deformities.

Dr. Winfried Rebhandl completed his specialist training with Prof. Dr. E. Horcher at the University Clinic for Pediatric Surgery (AKH) in Vienna. In 2001 he was appointed a medical specialist and in 2002, due to his extensive scientific activity in paediatric surgery, he was granted a teaching license for the subject (Univ.Doz.). He was then deputy head of department for 11 years and finally head of department for 2 years (interim) in 2011 at the University Clinic for Pediatric Surgery at the AKH Vienna.

In 2014 he was appointed university professor for pediatric surgery by the Federal President.

Dr. Rebhandl has 25 years of extensive clinical training and experience in the field of pediatric surgery at the renowned University Hospital (AKH Vienna).

His professional competence and talent in dealing with children make him the ideal partner when children need surgery.