The funnel chest (Pectus excavtum) is a congenital clinical condition. With a frequency of 1:1000 it is the most frequent chest malformation and occurs more frequently in boys. There are a variety of different manifestations and degrees of severity. The occurrence or presence of various physical complaints also depends on this. Typically, however, it causes an enormous psychological burden for those affected with increasing age

Our highest goal is to find the suitable therapy for the physical complaints, but also for the psychological strain.


Patient mit Trichterbrust

In the context of an initial assessment, I take a lot of time for a detailed discussion. On the basis of the course of the disease and a thorough clinical examination, I can give you as much information and clarification as possible about the clinical situation. In most cases, the following examinations are then arranged:
examination of Patient’s medical history

  • Clinical-Surgical Examination
  • Pediatric radiological examinations (X-rays, MRI, 3D reconstruction)
  • Pediatric cardiological examination (ECG, cardiac echo, possibly consil)
  • Pediatric lung function (possibly with the help of a pediatric lung specialist)
  • photo documentation
  • Involvement of further child specialists when needed


If all findings are present, we can propose a suitable therapy in a detailed consultation with the patient and his or her legal tutor using established algorithms. Important factors are involved:

  • Age
  • severity
  • progression
  • physical complaints (pain, cardiac or pulmonary symptoms)
  • Concomitant diseases (posture/scoliosis)
  • level of suffering

Conservative & Operative Therapy

Professionally competent and “child-friendly” clarification and therapy at the highest international standard – We attach great importance to personal and continuous care for both “conservative” and “operative” therapies.

Follow-up checks


Low severity of the deformity

No symptoms

Alternative therapy wish


Mild severity of the deformity
Special. Physical Therapy
Therapy of accompanying problems
Psychological support


Severe deformity
New: Minimally invasive method (Yüksel technique)
Minimally invasive operation (Nuss technique)
Open surgery according to Ravitch

Portrait Winfried Rebhandl
Portrait Winfried Rebhandl

For me, the OP method according to Yücksel M. is currently the “method of choice”. It allows an excellent cosmetic result and avoids typical problems of the nut method (ironing dislocation). In combination with the most modern pain therapy a real advantage for the patient.

More information about the surgical therapy of funnel chest can be found in my article